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Clinical Pastoral Education Training Institute of North America, CPE, Clergy, and Chaplain Certification and Training
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What is the working definition of a CPE?

Spiritual service manifests itself in many
forms.  People called to spiritual care may
be recognized as ministers, priests,
sisters, rabbis, imams, chaplains, social
workers, physicians, teachers, spiritual life
coaches, and charity workers.

You may have prepared for a variety of
sacred careers by receiving training within
your church or worship
attending a seminary or divinity school...or
by entering through a parallel field such
as nursing, teaching, or mission work.

We believe that God can (and does)
utilize the backgrounds and talents of
folks who come to ministry through one of
these pathways.

But, for many involved in spiritual service, a day arrives when a call is experienced to receive advanced training.


    Clinical Professional Education is the path
    most commonly followed today to learn
    new ministerial skills leading to better
    provide enhanced service, or to advance

    "CPE Units" is the terminology used to
    describe the levels of achievement in the
    field of Clinical Professional Education.

In our time, CPE is the most commonly seen format for the professional-level training of advance practice clergy,
chaplains in Hospice, hospital, Corrections and other fields defined as "spiritual service".

This is particularly true in the United States, Canada,
the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and a
growing number of South American and African

Although seminaries and divinity schools
continue to graduate spiritual providers whose
education has consisted primarily of classroom

CPE study, on the other hand, combines
classroom study with real-life hands-on
ministerial encounters in hospitals, Hospices,
Long Term Care facilities, correctional
institutions, faith communities, patient / client
care organizations, and secular fields such as
police, fire, and EMT.

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