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Pastoral Education
Training Institut
Frequently Asked Question:
Are you accredited
by any other agency?

A not-for-proflt  educational program
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Are we accredited by some other agency?  
(We are often asked this....)

    SIMPLE ANSWER:   "No."
    We are an accrediting agency.  

    We are established to accredit other institutions who choose to teach our
    CPE curriculum.  CPEti, is not accredited by any external agency...one
    of our stated functions is t accredit others.  

    If you represent a Hospice, hospital, or another seminary or school, we
    would be happy to discuss your working with the Clinical Pastoral
    Education Training Institute to offer our global program to students in your

    There is one other well known organization (ACPE) that has a long history
    of providing excellent training options.  They do not accredit CPEti and we
    do not accredit them.  

    We are separate entities with no relationship other than that our we here
    at the Clinical Pastoral Education Training Institute (CPEti) can tell you
    that ACPE has an excellent reputation and long history of service to the
    ministerial community.  

    If you decide to study under their auspices, you will be in good company.  

    If you opt to participate in our CPEti program, we will do everything in our
    power to ensure that you have a pleasant and productive experience.